Automated Result Management System

In modern Universities there is a great need to have a robust result management system since student’s results are one of the most important article of the business environment. Automated Result Management System by Robotic Systems is a robust result management system that automates and digitizes a lot of the processes which involve student result processing. These processes range from student examination, result marking, approval of results, transfer of results from departments to faculty or senate as the case may be, producing of student result reports, summary and charts, automated result notification and publishing, transcript processing as well as intelligent customized result analysis to produce a performance analysis of courses, students, lecturers, departments or even faculties.

In addition, automated result management system encompasses a secure and monitored system that not only tracks and logs all the activities on the system but also posts significant notices on the public activity board. It also enables users to communicate to other users or in some cases to groups of people depending on the level of the user. The robust database design of the system helps maintain high data integrity and performance. Automated Result Management System also comes with automated backup systems that help ensure minimal loss of data if at all in the case of hardware failure. The offline modules also enable lecturers and other related staff to be able to work on the system even when they are not online providing a system that works properly even in areas with power failure problems.

Automated Result Management System is currently deployed in the University of Nigeria and is already making its way into other Universities in Nigeria.

Take a look at some of the screenshots below or download the product brochure.