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Robosys Security Anti-Malware

RoboSAM (Robosys Security AntiMalware) is a security tool that allows you to easily and efficiently scan your USB drive for malwares and your system for active malwares. RoboSAM is well known and trusted for its notable speed in scanning PCs for malwares. RoboSAM also includes features such as USB immunization, usb lock control, ability to restored hidden or corrupted files from usb drives, as well as quarantine and usb drive eject. Take a look at some of the features in more details below.


USB Scanning

USB Scanning is the ability of the program to scan a USB drive efficiently. RoboSAM scans a filled 16GB USB Drive under an average of 20sec. And automatically opens the usb drive safely after scan so the user can proceed to use the drive without fear of worms or other malware.

USB Immunization

This is a useful feature that enables users to prevent malwares from creating malicious autorun entries in their USB drives. RoboSAM’s USB immunization is very easy to use and likewise very effective. Unlike most other USB immunization programs, it doesn’t create an impossible autorun.inf folder on your drive and is more tricky for virsuses to attack.

System Scanning

It can be annoying when your PC corrupts every single USB drive you put on your PC. RoboSAM is able to detect active malwares (malwares that start with the system) on the PC. RoboSAM scans your the important folders on your PC as well as the windows registry to crosscheck for malicious settings and is very effective in cleaning your PC from malwares that are currently present at a specific time.

USB Lock Control

With RoboSAM you can lock your USB drive with a password and prevent unauthorized individuals from using USB drives on your PC. This can be very useful if you work in an  environment where people can use your PC without your presence.

Hidden Files Restore

This is a feature I have been looking for a program to handle and I really think it’s a very essential feature. Sometimes when your USB drive gets infected, you are unable to see your documents as they have been hidden by some malware. RoboSAM seemed to be the only one to have this feature and it did it cool enough.

Quarantine (New)

RoboSAM by default sends all deleted files to a quarantine. To restore a folder from the quarantine, the user would need to restore it back from the quarantine folder located in robosam installation folder.

USB Eject Function (New)

Considering that malwares sometimes prevent you from removing USB drives leaving you with an annoying cannot safely remove message, RoboSAM gives you the ability to Eject a USB drive from the main program window or the tray icon.



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