The Company

Robotic SystemsRobotic Systems was founded in October 2010 and incorporated in July 2013. The need to start a company specialized in technology solutions with emphasis on security and artificial intelligence arose from a desire to solve the challenges facing the African continent and the world at large. We also know that for a fast growing civilization, one of the key needs is cheap and easy wide-reaching accessibility to technology. Being passionate about security and artificial intelligence, Robotic Systems was thus founded to be a company that will provide high quality ICT solutions that is built with security and easy accessibility in mind and provided to the community at the best prices.

We will always welcome ideas and contributions to what we do and how we do it. We believe in maintaining a better personal relationship with our clients and customers and provide unique services which allow you to customize a good number of things you can order from us including our softwares. We believe in a technology that is made and customized to suit your taste rather than a technology that you simply have to take as it is.

Our vision is a world where your computer and every software you use understands you, where every device you use is aware of you and can thus provide you with better quality information. A world where technology is intelligent and secure enough for you to enjoy a maximally productive, comfortable and happy life.

We believe in our dream but do you? We are always on the look out for young passionate programmers and security enthusiasts with basic TCP/IP skills to enhance our security team.