About Us

Robotic Systems is a company that specializes in developing solutions to data security and artificial intelligence. Technology progresses at a very slow rate in Nigeria and Africa at large and Robotic Systems is determined to set the pace. As of 2013, Robotic Systems is the first and only company with an antivirus solution in Nigeria. In the future, we plan to develop a lot of frameworks and libraries that will be available to programmers and businesses alike.

At Robotic Systems, we make it a rule of thumb that all our products will always come with smart and useful unique features that makes it very attractive and intuitive for the user.

We also develop corporate and integrated solutions which can totally transform businesses and ease or speed up the business processes in companies with our ERP solutions. We conduct system analysis in organizations who are already using incomplete or non-unified systems and provide custom made solutions tailored to solve the organization’s challenges. More importantly, we make our systems very flexible and easy to maintain and as such provide ‘problem-free’ solutions with free 1 year maintenance and support for all our service deliveries.